Black and Whiteness: New Year's Dresses 2013

ModeWhiteness and dark, together and separately, are more relevant in this time. Opt from black super mini shiny satiny or whiteness maxi air of chiffon. Style hit - a black-and-white models: flowers, stripes, geometry and abstraction.Novel look and animal print in black and white. To wishlist that beastly theme - the trend of the time. Dark gloves, sable studs and dark boa will be effective to you when you make an image of a New Year. This is a win-win thing.  Resembling posts:Mode Source Fashion: Accessories: Bags, belts, jewelryFashion Summer Fashion: Sunglasses: A most fashionable modelsMode Fall Vogue 2013: Vogue handbags, sunglasses, belts, jewelry. Читать полностью -->

Stylish Gerls's Jackets: Spring 2013 Vogue for women

StyleAnd a style and design of jackets, parkas give finality wear ensemble. Due to its practicality and convenience jackets for the source period are a leaders of the other models of clothing.Paying homage to a classics, a source 2010 collection of clothes, brings a sweet breath of novelty. Models for every taste: the classic model, sports, trendy. Current jacket may accentuate the silhouette, to help distinguish a individual decor, to give you finish the created image. Triggers the leisure of new advanced materials, with a variety of convenient pockets, fitted with hoods, collars. To date, all online stores will propose the jackets for any taste, age, sex and vogue trends.  Resembling posts:Fashion Women's cardigan: pleasantness of continuous linesStyle Spring vogue: the basic trendsMode Bright watch the time summer 2012. Читать полностью -->

Organic Nails Source 2013

ModeOrganic manicure - this trend has a particular put in a spring of 2012. Whether it's a manicure or makeup, organic colors - out of competition. This is understandable: a subtle shades of flesh, milk, lightness pink or pale peach bloom is ever relevant, they blend harmoniously with the outfit. It is worth noting that a organic shades of nail most advantageous to be at a fairly short nails almond anatomy.Among a major trends - clear coat with a moderate luster, it is not too draws note to the nails, but they be great at a same time.  Similar articles:Mode Summer vacationFashion New directions for autumn fashion for magneticallyFashion Autumn fur: luxury finishes. . . Читать полностью -->

Mode great skirt source 2012

FashionIt is not a first time we possess the opportunity to flaunt in overalls. The coldness time of the year - a great excuse to clothes up in a suit, which is not only beautify, but also hot. Interestingly, a mode overalls winter 2013/2012 - very varied: they can be practical and rigorous, playful and seductive, open and humble...Lovely skirt - this is a a small piece of garments with which you can create any image to select with, from romantic to sporty. At the like time, the lovely skirt allows us in the technique to be feminine and nice.A new source period of 2012 stylists offer gerls a classic skirts and skirts extraordinary styles. Each fashionista, taking advantage of our reference, will be able to take for himself the most appropriate lovely skirt to add to to a wardrobe.  Alike articles:Vogue Fall Mode 2012: Key TrendsFashion Haute Couture: soft women's jackets, vests, jackets and jewelryFashion Sandals, summer bags, ornamentals. . Читать полностью -->

Pants-Medium banana Source 2013

StyleHad tremendous popularity this spring medium bananas - hit 80. So, current big bananas noticeably shorter than their "grandfathers", which, however, should be similar gerls of vogue: the new length is more convenient and provides a space for imagination. Soft tucks at a top of a pants may hide problem areas, skinny ladies, you will help to visually throw in capacity to a hips, and the girls in a aging body will be able to hide a few extra pounds. Much harmonious with these pants be blouson jacket or with a "coat hanger" - another greetings from a 80s!  Same posts:Fashion Summer period: Mode OrnamentalsStyle Fashion figgery winter seasonVogue Autumn-Winter time 2012/2013: Mode Ornamentals & Footwear. . . Читать полностью -->

Bright shades of hair spring 2013

ModeIn the source of 2012-haired beautiful girls will be a most fashionable. If you enjoy the nature of, say, brownness thin hair, be sure to slightly lighten them, literally 1-TWO pitch, it will refresh you and create a image is particularly relevant. Do not forget about the maximum organic bloom - for example, like shades of golden ripe millet or flax. Under the rays of the sun will shine your head and Thoroughly wash, and that shades bewitch anyone!Blonde shade of natural honey or caramel - it is an opportunity to make a wonderfully heartwarming and feminine image. What baby of lighter shades of thin hair out of vogue? This period, it is consummate to give up and ashy blue and whiteness colors, as correctly as a platinum locks in the fashion of Marilyn Monroe. That shades look however unnatural that the stylists all over the world unanimously excluded them with a list of favorites.  Alike posts:Vogue Women's shoes, new mode trendsStyle Autumn Fashion: The basic trends autumn vogueFashion Accessories for fashionistas:. Читать полностью -->

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