Pants-Medium banana Spring 2013

VogueReceived tremendous popularity this source bananas - hit 80. So, contemporary bananas noticeably shorter than a "grandfathers", which, as, must be same gerls of mode: a new length is more convenient and provides a area for imagination. Soft tucks at a top of the pants may hide matter areas, skinny ladies, they will help to visually add volume to a hips, and a girls in a aging body will be able to hide a some extra pounds. Very harmonious with these pants be blouson jacket or with a "coat hanger" - some greetings with the 80s!  Same posts:Fashion Autumn Vogue: The chief colors of a periodStyle Style handbagsStyle Panama hats made of felt, material, knitwearCaps and hats with ears (a la aviator)Woolen cap with a visor. . . Читать полностью -->

Colours and styles

VogueA main colors of a business of mode, of course - it's dark and whiteness. A white blouse plus a sable lovely skirt with a jacket or vest - a win-win. But - is not the alone one! Complete your kit a bright detail, and he will be transformed beyond recognition. Among the most pressing flowers of a spring season in 2013 - purple, coral, gold, silver, pink, purple and blue.Business costumes this source offers form-fitting and rather stringent, mostly - for pants. With the arrival of spring, stylists are advised to wear costumes of small pastel shades. More relevant figures - like a cell and strip.If you love a costume with a lovely skirt, be sure to update your wardrobe with pencil lovely skirt and jacket with a peplum. Читать полностью -->

Fashion 2012: mini skirts, super mini clothes and shorts - trendy summer 2013

FashionMini victorious march to the podium in 2011: the traditional mini-skirts, ultra short shorts, dresses seductive frivolous length. All this is highly true in the spring and summer of 2011. Of course, they claim a slender shape and fine legs. But you're yet going to freshen up for a beach season.  Resembling articles:Mode Summer 2011: A general fashionable colorsFashion Naked Heat: beach wear, bags, jewelryStyle Vogue Jewelry: Gallery of female fur hats. . . Читать полностью -->

New Trendy manicure 2012

VogueNew Year's manicure no less important range than the New Year's makeup, because the woman's hands always attract attention, and so require to be correctly-groomed and fashionable. Specifically during the holidays.Designers offer us some current trends for the festive manicure, 2012.  Resembling articles:Vogue Summer Mode: Sunglasses: The most fashionable modelsMode Vogue Accessories Source 2012 timeFashion Delicate lace - it is however fine!. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Materials and supplies for bags

FashionOf course, with exceptional ease of styles bags business need be elegant, however the substance with which you are made, should be of more high grade, and certainly not worth saving on the cost.Best version - well-tanned calfskin, quite thick and is durable, but at a like time mild and plastic. Patent skin bag or handbag of crocodile facial skin look great, too. Suede bag is not too practical, as it's good to take a bag of big quality synthetic leather trimmed with suede.By a way, bags made of imitation leather may be used if you are satisfied enough with skill and get a respectable outside, visually almost no different with genuine leather.That bags is consummate not to wear in winter season, however imitation skin does not tolerate temperature changes, afraid of frost, and a fine bag may be covered with cracks. But in a spring, summer and autumn fashionable and elegant leatherette bag is quite suitable for a chic lady.What should be a accessories of bags? 1-st of all, you should avoid excessive brightness and molestation: variant chains, zaklepochek, multiple zippers and bright buckles. Properly, if the hardware on a bag of chocolate-brown, dark, etc.Absolutely not suitable for a business girl model - mild, without a clear configuration of bags with zipper fragile and unstable bottom. For example, a bag of mild leather, a contracting delicate lace top, views more like a bag than a required accessory business girl.Collected and tucked into the metal frame semi-circular bag purse with a clasp in a configuration of bright balls, too, is not suitable for the office or for a business meeting in a different environment. Читать полностью -->

Patrizia Pepe: mode clothes 2012

StyleFashion and dynamism, to substitute a measured wintry day, more and more bright spring comes. Style "hippies" so familiar again breaks out. We propose to dress up in tights and legintsy, with no limitations in flower, or in long skirts done of lightness fabrics with effectual pattern. Long stringent cropped jackets or "skin jacket" and an indispensable attribute of hippie fashion of all time - a wide headband over long hair.  Similar posts:Style Style Figgery: Gallery of female fur hatsVogue Summer gerls's pantsMode Elegant summer clothes and suits. . . Читать полностью -->

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