Vogue Nails Summer 2009: A colors of nail manicure

StyleIn this period's fashion pastel shades of nail polish. Luck may be both transparent and opaque. Major hits of a summer are considered gentle pink, turquoise, berry and whiteness. Lucky darkness shades that were so well-known last winter, has get irrelevant.For work and leisure are perfect for the woman translucent watercolor shades of nail polish. Classical white flower returned and became extremely well-known. He is able to make the nails are extremely bright. Читать полностью -->

Vogue 2013: mini skirts, super mini clothing and shorts - trendy summer 2013

FashionMini victorious march to a podium in 2012: a traditional super mini-skirts, ultra short shorts, dresses seductive frivolous length. All this is highly true in the spring and summer of 2012. Of course, they want a slender form and beautiful legs. But you're still going to freshen up for the beach season.  Alike articles:Fashion Autumn fashion: a basic wardrobe for workVogue Vogue evening clothes summer 2012Fashion Fall fashions costume for full figures. . . Читать полностью -->

Large clutches vogue handbags Fall 2013

ModeClutch bags however a configuration of fashionable women enjoy great been appreciated. Little exquisite bags, more similar purses, which can be put only the most indispensable, most ofttimes used in a creation of elegant image. But this season, at a peak of popularity - great clutches that resemble great envelopes. They are suitable for business fashion. Especially impressive be lacquered crocodile face clutch. Chic clutches rarely decorate anything more than a big buckle. Читать полностью -->

Bags for every time

FashionNo permanently bag does not do any one girl. This is not to be formless "string bag" - thanks to a talents of stylists we are able to even go to a nearest store with a nice nice bag. In honor of source bags are painted in all a colors of a rainbow - probably to make a cheerful mood. Roomy models are equipped with short handles.Is still at the peak of relevance - small waist bags, which are advised to wear a few items at once.In military fashion - bags that are more similar to a military plates, rooms and spacious.And for the most exquisite girls designers possess created a miniature bags, purses - apparently in contrast to the huge bags. Little bags can be worn at the like time, TWO-3, and actually more is somewhat extraordinary, but highly comfortable!  Similar posts:Mode Vogue Figgery Fall-Winter period 2013/2012Style Source mode: JacketsVogue What to give your loved one? Vogue Jewelry. . Читать полностью -->


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