Darker shades of hair spring 2013

FashionNot only blonde thin hair pop in spring 2012, and that's lovely, otherwise all women would be a like. Brunettes do not worry - you may improve the organic hair flower, giving it a more spice and charm. For example, explicitly favor this spring chocolate strands that look elegant and elegant. Do not forget that chocolate can be various - with light natural milk until the bitter sable, which means that you enjoy lots of placement for imagination!By the technique, this source, a popularity of dark shades gaining momentum, and this is just the beginning - it is expected that by the summer of brunettes blondes finally eclipse, darkness hair will become more relevant than ever.Bad hair shades for this spring - eggplant and other shades of blue. It is clear that a blue-dark thin hair just "crying" some the artificiality of his flower, however - it has no place either on the podium or in your.But jet black "gothic" thin hair color is highly popular. Just keep in mind that it is more suitable for prettily ladies, but the girls of "around 30" and over, dark hair inevitably will throw in not less than 5 years!  Resembling posts:Style Job Mode Summer 2012Style Top women's clothing. Читать полностью -->

Overalls: Fashion Jeans Winter period 2009 - 2011

FashionDenim overalls are becoming more popular. In the new period's collections were presented fairly diverse. Such costumes this summer has been seen on approximately American celebrities. Fashionable jumpsuits may have overestimated the waist, slim silhouette or anatomy of the eastern Sharovarov.  Same articles:Fashion Mode Jewelry Spring 2012 seasonMode Summer vogue: Photo Gallery trendy sundresses-2: For a magnetically and slenderVogue Shorts in all its diversity. . . Читать полностью -->

Big clutches vogue handbags Fall 2012

StyleClutch bags as a configuration of fashionable women get long been appreciated. Small exquisite bags, more same purses, which can be put alone a most required, most frequently used in a creation of chic image. But this period, at a peak of popularity - great clutches that resemble big envelopes. You are suitable for business style. Particularly impressive look lacquered crocodile face clutch. Chic clutches rarely decorate something more than a big buckle. Читать полностью -->

Boots, boots, ankle boots - for the beginning of source

StyleMore novel will be on the heel source boots - the correct! Designers compete with any other in a bizarre form of a heel, making a major bet on him. A unusual shape and bootlegs, but the sock may be both acute and rounded.Yet with sexy boots, stockings, perfectly accentuating the anatomy of women's legs high boots are relevant and practical, but at the same time elegant demi boots to a knee.High heel - is not the alone option. On any time, perhaps, more suitable boots with wedge heels or room shoes.Leather lace-up boots - exactly a shoes that you can wear the clothes in the "masculine" style. Look brutal and massive coarse boots. And if you need glamor, but do not want to wear a "stud" - stop for a bright sneakers! This may be an individual and interesting decision.  Same posts:Fashion Gate-hood, collar-counter, mohair tapeStyle Mode Sunglasses: a parade of modelsFashion Fabrics, colors, silhouettes this fall. . Читать полностью -->

Fashion denim shorts summer 2013

ModeShort jeans (slightly threadbare) shorts with cuffs stylists offer us to wear with long cardigans, jackets and raincoats. The chief item that a shorts were shorter coats.Excellent example of the fashion "sasual" shows us style mark H & M.But it is equally comfortably-shorts be fine with tucked in your whiteness shirts and jumpers to a waist.A traditional combination of white, blue, gray and brown designers apply to make a new classic.  Resembling posts:Mode Summer 2011: The general fashionable colorsFashion Fashionable women's spring coatVogue Summer evening, music. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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