New Trendy manicure 2013

FashionNew Year's manicure no less momentous range than the New Year's makeup, because a woman's hands always attract attention, and so need to look right-groomed and fashionable. Especially upon a holidays.Stylists propose us several current trends for a festive manicure, 2013.  Alike articles:Mode Summer mode: Photo Gallery trendy sundresses-3: Ideas simple stylesVogue Autumn mode women's coat: Graduation in length: MiniStyle Gloves Siberian Woman. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Pants-Ripe banana Spring 2012

StyleHad tremendous popularity this source bananas - hit 80. However, modern ripe bananas noticeably shorter than your "grandfathers", which, as, should be like gerls of vogue: a new length is more convenient and provides a space for imagination. Soft tucks at a top of a pants may hide issue areas, skinny ladies, they will help to visually add to capacity to the hips, and the girls in the aging body will be able to hide a any extra pounds. Much harmonious with that pants look blouson jacket or with a "coat hanger" - another greetings with a 80s!  Resembling articles:Fashion Skin belts, handbags, sunglasses, colored braceletsMode Leather belts, handbags, sunglasses, colored braceletsFashion Gerls's Scarves. . . Читать полностью -->

Interesting trends

ModeBoots and clothing shoes, "boats" in the spring of 2012 will be complemented by transparent fragments. Such detail will get this source extraordinary popularity.At the peak of popularity are ankle boots, sandals, with twisted straps, numerous cuts, perforations, delicate lace and textile inserts. However, this - rather an evening version.For forever wear vogue boots offer a thick steady heel, not burdened by excessive decorative details. Contemporary girls who exercise prefer ankle boots, reminiscent of sneakers on a platform sole.In short, there are plenty to select - with glamorous studs and high wedgies and ending with the most comfortable shoes on a solid sole.   Resembling posts:Vogue models for source-summerFashion Fashion autumn jewelry: caps, great bags, long glovesMode The basic colors of source vogue. . . Читать полностью -->

Fashionable Underwear Source 2013

VogueThis young woman always sees to it that under a fashionable elegant dress or costume on it was no less elegant and stylish clothes. She knows as significant it is - because grade nice lingerie gives a knowledge that she is beautiful and perfect, self-confidence and your own attractiveness.Lingerie represented European stylists for spring 2012, does a woman 18 years old particularly desirable and reveals her sensuality. Do not be frightened of contrasts and bold experiments! The trends of a new time is welcome!  Resembling posts:Mode Polish vogue. Aryton: Premier Collection Fall 2012Fashion Mode trends of spring: source jacketsFashion Summer Mode: Options lightweight clothes for a job. . . Читать полностью -->

Pants-Medium banana Source 2012

StyleGot tremendous popularity this spring medium bananas - hit 80. However, modern ripe bananas noticeably shorter than your "grandfathers", which, however, need be similar gerls of fashion: a new length is more convenient and provides a area for imagination. Soft tucks at a top of the pants may hide question areas, skinny girls, you will help to visually add amount to a hips, and the ladies in a body will be able to hide a few extra pounds. Highly harmonious with that pants be blouson jacket or with a "coat hanger" - some greetings with the 80s!  Same articles:Style Fashion figgery. Gerls's handbags: a charm of a new springStyle Summer period: Style OrnamentalsVogue Summer tops, blouses and skirts holiday time. . Читать полностью -->

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