Colours and fashion

StyleA basic colors of the business of mode, of course - it's sable and white. A white shirt plus a dark mini skirt with a jacket or vest - a win-win. But - is not the only one! Complete your kit a bright detail, and he will be transformed beyond recognition. Among a most pressing flowers of the source time in 2012 - purple, coral, gold, silver, pink, purple and blue.Business costumes this source offers configuration-fitting and rather strict, mostly - for pants. With the arrival of spring, designers are advised to wear costumes of thin pastel shades. More relevant figures - like a cell and strip.If you like a costume with a great skirt, be sure to update your wardrobe with pencil great skirt and jacket with a peplum. A highly impressive views skirt with floral prints or abstract pattern.To work in an office lady may not just come in costume, but as well in a clothing that will emphasize its stylishness and femininity. Comfortably-known fashion houses propose a wide diversity of fashion. For example, Phillip Lim has demonstrated this season lovely sable and whiteness maxi dress, giving the image of freshness and youth.A clients of a vogue house Ralph Lauren would be happy to wear to a office elegant sable dress, complemented by skin sleeves. Much beautiful looking dresses Cases: closed and restrained, they meet actually a most stringent clothing code.Variant stripes - in dark and white and color - are today on top.Graceful whiteness blouse tailor-done offer Aigner and Kenzo - designers love to supplement a narrow dark skirts or chic trousers. At the top of the popularity of a spring - business costumes in military fashion, decorated straps, shiny buttons and other items of military uniforms. Speaking of pants: do not miss a opportunity to clothes up in tightly pants to the ankle length that good supplement the elegant top and loose-fitting jacket.What is going to be a pants - a better, but within reasonable limits: too skinny pants, worn to the job, to demonstrate to others a lack of taste.However for the jackets here should give preference to direct a silhouette, single-breasted or double-breasted - it depends on the contour and taste. No less relevant configuration-fitting jackets model.Hot hit of a spring season - leather skirt. It may be short and narrow, wide and long dark or scarlet, but in any case such mini skirt best worn together with cotton blouse, shirt. Trapezoid great skirt just looks advantageous with close-fitting top.  Similar posts:Mode Summer. Style trendsFashion Fashionable shoes for fall 2012: The women's boots, jewelryFashion Mode trends of a fall season 2012: The Women's Coats & Jackets.

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  • Care for low birth weight infants
  • Child leaving from a 1st day
  • Newborn maintenance 1st month
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  • Newborn leaving of the circumcision
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  • Feeding and caring for a child
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